Welcome to our studio!

Depending on the day, this is where we design and prototype, drink loads of coffee/tea, pack and ship orders, run our digital media and fawn over our studio dog, Phoebe.

The "Team"

We're a teeny Montana company - with friends and partners who help make it all happen. While not everyone works in the studio, here's a rundown of some key players.


Hannah runs the day to day show at Meaninkful - from product design to photography, she loves to learn, make mistakes and have celebratory sushi when she occasionally gets something right.

Hannah is an active sleeper and just this year "gave a presentation" on her knees in bed.

Alex is the numbers guy (every team needs one!). Other than making sure we have enough in the bank to cover next week's coffee bill, he also helps out with order fulfillment.

Alex is, in his words, an "unlikely eagle scout". (Yes, he can build a shelter with nothing but branches. No, he can't start a fire rubbing two sticks together. Can you?)

As our resident studio dog and sheepadoodle, Phoebe graciously consents to ongoing Instagram modeling.

Phoebe is often mistaken for a Portuguese Water Dog.

An avid bullet journaler, amazing cook, and creative soul, Jeannine provides invaluable feedback on our flagship product designs.

Few people mess with Jeannine - she has a black belt in kempo karate.

Like Jeannine, Bryan doesn't work for us directly but he councils on all things policy, corporate structure and the like.

Bryan grew up on a ranch and quite literally tended sheep for much of his youth.

Penney, Hannah's mom, is sadly no longer with us but since she inspired us to start the company, we couldn't leave her unmentioned. Penney was the wisest, most gracious woman we ever knew, and her love for writing inspired Hannah to journal and eventually create The One Page Journal.

Penney moved to Hawaii in the 70's and became a macrame making hippy. Sadly, she grew out of that phase before having her four children.