From Our Early Customers

The One Page Journal has gone through 4 major iterations (i.e. design overhauls) and our beta group of willing testers have given us amazing feedback along the way.

Here are a few comments on the final version they agreed we can share:

"The morning practice has helped me feel grounded going into the rest of my day. I really like how simple it is but it also makes me think about things that wouldn't be on my radar." - Female, Grieving Her Brother and a Close Friend

"It's awesome. The format is unique - the prompts open me up to explore other areas with my writing. I asked them to add empty pages so I can keep going if I run out of room." - Female, Grieving Her Best Friend

"So excited for The Tribute! I've been looking for something since my brother passed away. Getting my order in so I can start on it in January." - Female