The One Page Journal Bundle

$53.00 $61.00
  • The One Page Journal Bundle

The One Page Journal Bundle

$53.00 $61.00

Grief is the hardest thing we have to go through so we designed a package to help navigate the journey. The bundle includes:

  • The One Page Journal - a journal with a simple but powerful morning practice that encourages mindfulness, reflection and gratitude
  • The Tribute - a companion book that lets you honor the one you're grieving and the relationship you had
  • Free Gift (for a limited time!)a journal-ready pen debossed with The One Page Journal mark
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    The Journal Up Close

    So what's with the name, The One Page Journal? Unlike most grief journals, our format guides you to fill out just one page each morning. This makes journaling more approachable and the "fill in the blank" style also means it's easy to stick to.

    Why We Love the Morning Practice

    At the heart of the journal is the morning practice and we break it down into 3 steps: Find the Good, Learn Mindfulness, and Fill Your Well.

    Let's take a closer look at each section.

    1. Find the Good

    Starting the morning with gratitude can make a big difference in our mental health but for many, gratitude and grief don't really go hand in hand. So we try to keep these really simple - something close by, someone who has had an impact on you, something you're healthy enough to do, etc. Over time this will train your mind to look for the good even when things are difficult.

    2. Learn Mindfulness

    This is the meat of the morning practice! You begin by acknowledging a feeling you're struggling with, then we walk you through the reframe to help you move forward with that acknowledgement in a healthy way. While this can be grief related, it doesn't have to be and that's the beauty of it. Your challenges week to week will shift and your responses will reflect that. Note: two days per week, we focus the Find the Good and Practice Mindfulness sections around grief. You'll be given the opportunity to write a note to your loved one - acknowledging and reframing an aspect of the loss.

    3. Fill Your Well

    Grief is unpredictable and draining (meltdown in aisle 5, etc.) so we created this section to provide small self-care activities that help us maintain balance, experience growth and make our well-being a priority. Daily - Each day, you'll have a new mini-deposit that usually takes around 5 minutes to complete. Examples include small meditation/prayer focuses, encouragements to text a friend, etc.

    Weekly - Each week, we have you do one deposit that takes a bit more time - usually around 30 minutes. This activity, usually writing-related, gives you an opportunity to connect more deeply with your grief and you can plan ahead to set aside an intentional time to fill this out.

    Weekly Reflection

    At the end of every week (after every 6th Morning Practice), you'll fill out a weekly reflection page instead of the Morning Practice that week. This gives you a chance to review your writing, identify any themes and look forward to the next week with more clarity.

    An Inside Look at the Tribute

    A New Project for a New Year

    We all grieve differently but there's one thing true for all of us. We desperately miss those we've lost and many of us want to honor their lives and the connections we had.

    The Tribute is a hands-on way to do that.

    It's a page by page book that you can fill out, in honor of the one you've lost. Some pages are pretty basic - their life path, important places they lived, what types of books/movies/entertainment they were into, etc.

    Other pages are more specific to you and your relationship. For example, you'll capture certain types of memories like, "a happy memory", "a memory you think of often", and "a conversation you had that stuck with you". You'll get to reflect on ways they inspired you and how you can carry those things on.

    If you follow the journal, you'll fill out a new section in The Tribute every 2 weeks so you'll finish The Tribute in 12 months time, starting from the day you begin journaling. (This method would take you through 3 journals and one tribute book.) 

    However, we recommend filling out The Tribute at your own pace and The One Page Journal will serve as a helpful reminder if you end up wanting to take your time over the course of the year.

    Your Tribute, Your Rules

    We include plenty of room for things like photographs, artwork, doodling, etc. The Tribute honors the person you lost but it's from you - and you can keep things simple and clean or...go wild (we won't tell)! 

    Once you finish, you'll have a keepsake that holds those things you don't want to forget and, if you wish, it will provide a glimpse of the person you lost that you can share with others down the road.

    From Our Early Customers

    The One Page Journal has gone through 4 major iterations (i.e. design overhauls) and our beta group of willing testers have given us amazing feedback along the way.

    Here are a few comments on the final version they agreed we can share:

    "The morning practice has helped me feel grounded going into the rest of my day. I really like how simple it is but it also makes me think about things that wouldn't be on my radar." - Female, Grieving Her Brother and a Close Friend

    "It's awesome. The format is unique - the prompts open me up to explore other areas with my writing. I asked them to add empty pages so I can keep going if I run out of room." - Female, Grieving Her Best Friend

    "So excited for The Tribute! I've been looking for something since my brother passed away. Getting my order in so I can start on it in January." - Female